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Free Assessment

Hackers are hunting for vulnerabilities in your systems every single day. Wouldn’t you like to know about those gaps before they do?

Exigent Technologies leverages a third-party cybersecurity risk assessment tool that allows us to identify and reveal the gaps in your security posture—everything from unpatched vulnerabilities to incomplete policies and more.

How this practical and thorough cybersecurity risk assessment process works:

  1. After you submit the request, we’ll set a quick meeting to explain the process, asking some baseline questions.
  1. Then, a custom link will be sent to you, along with simple instructions for running the risk assessment tool. 
  2. We won't ask for your credentials; after all, that would be cheating!
  3. From there, our sophisticated scanner goes to work, but you'll likely never even notice since there is little disruption to your workday or systems.
  4. Once the cybersecurity risk assessment scan is complete, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting to review the detailed results with you. 

This cybersecurity risk assessment offers insights into all aspects of your network, including gaps in documentation and employee training and testing, allowing you to pinpoint vulnerabilities and prioritize next steps.

While this assessment is free, the insights generated are priceless.

To get started, simply fill out the form and someone from Team Exigent will contact you shortly.

Request your free security assessment