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Learn how to pick the right
managed IT services partner
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Qualification and experience can be a challenging element to evaluate with services providers. We recommend researching online reviews and asking about technical certifications, such as CompTIA, Microsoft and other vendor specific expertise. Available case studies and testimonials from existing customers are also helpful; don’t hesitate to ask to speak with client references and contact information.

Be prepared with a full list of questions for your potential partner. Some key questions to ask potential services providers include:

  • Can you manage a multi-vendor environment?
  • What is your approach to cybersecurity?
  • Do you have experience with my particular industry? (Particularly if you work in a highly regulated sector such as healthcare or legal)
  • Can you provide a clear overview of your IT support options and response times?
  • What do your customers say about your company?
  • How flexible is your managed IT services agreement?

We've used our three decades of experience to answer common questions about managed IT services, pricing, service agreements and more - all bundled in our easy-to-use Buyer's Guide. 

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